Following its registration in August 2012 in Istanbul, our company’s first accomplishment was the launch of Turkey’s first web site introducing and selling desiccants online, “” which is still active and run by us today.

Since then, we have successfully continued to grow our sales through multi channels. Our portfolio of customers and range of products have increased gradually, year by year.

In time, we have established long-lasting ties with many well known local and international manufacturers & vendors.

Today, we are one of the leading companies specialized in moisture & corrosion control and protective packaging in Turkey.

We proudly serve both Turkish and foreign customers from many different industries.

Our product range includes -but not limited to- packed and bulk silica gel, bentonite clay desiccant, container desiccant, industrial adsorbents, VCI corrosion protection packaging, oxygen absorbers and humidity indicator cards & plugs.

In today’s fast and challenging business environment, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of products to meet customers’ varying demands. Further, we provide flexible logistical solutions tailored to customer supply chain requirements.

We are always enthusiastic to closely monitor new trends and developments in the industry to continue offering our customers the most convenient products at the most competitive prices.

We will spare no efforts to become the most preferred vendor in desiccant, corrosion control and protective packaging business in the locations we operate.

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